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Angelica Garcia

The Application:

Name: Angelica  
Age: 18
City And State: St. Louis, MO
Sexual Preference: Open-minded, I find both genders equally attractive so does this make omni? tri? bi? pan? :P

Why You Want To Be A Part Of This Community: Well, Livejournal has a lot of users, it's really a community site than a personal blogging site. I want to be a part of this community because of the similar minds these users share and their open fondness of DXM is miraculous. I've been misjudged an idiot and childish because I think downing 40 wal-tussin gel-tabs to get a high is recreational and mind-altering. I think it's great people here can agree that tripping on DXM is very beautiful and safe (if one reads the text :P).
Why Do You Do DXM: The ego-loss, identity loss, the disconnection of life itself, the outer body experiences, the beautiful plateaus, the disassociate effect, I LOVE IT! As humans we're constantly searching for thyself and the purpose of our existence. We establish an identity by setting goals and having a name. On DXM, I totally feel detached from myself and appreciate the law of acceleration and life itself.
How Often Do You Take DXM: Rarely, I've only done it four-five times and only tripped really hard three times.
Describe yourself on DXM briefly: I act quite drunk and fearless at times (around other people). I'm usually an optimist and in an euphoric state that's indescribable. I did abuse it the last two times for escapist reasons, which I find quite lame, I think everyone should take drugs for fun not to escape reality.

What do you think of:
1.) The First Plateau: Usually I start to feel itchy, my body temperature is hot, and I start to pixelated with reality
2.) The Second Plateau: I feel quite obligated to my high still, and feel anticipated to have the DXM hit me, I feel quite euphoric and an optimist
3.) The Third Plateau: This is where I puke (I've never had pure dxm and always took 40 wal-tussin gel tabs) and I feel out of touch with life itself, and I think why did I do this? My body temperature doesn't match the room's temperature, oh no.. you know all whiney.. I get this state mixed with the affect of alcohol without feeling dehyderated
4.) The Fourth Plateau: I am FUCKED UP BEYOND REPAIR, I usually lay down when I'm in the fourth Plateau.. It's a near-death and dream-like state of my neaural network is disconnected with my level consciousness of reality
5.) Plateau Sigma: This is when I'm fucked up beyond repair I have an ego-loss, I have an outer body experience and question my own existence.. it's like you see a guitar and you know it's name and it's purpose you see a cup you know it's name and purpose you see a shoe you know its name and purpose.. then you see yourself and you think THIS IS ME ANGELICA (MY NAME) and WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? You're level of consciousness is so gone and far out and stellar you are chemical scum of this enormous universe you are in the fourth dimension you are the minority of this universe.. and usually when I do this I'm on a bed with my eyes closed or wide awake and feel useless as a human.. it's really fucking great actually.. when it goes down I get all happy and thankful for everything.. after gaining consciousness and the identity I established myself

Tell us your interests: Philosophy, psychedelics, tryptamines, humanism, open sexuality, organic chemistry, science, Darwinism, human rights, atheism, escapism, identity loss, music, reading, literature, etc.

List at Least 10 Favorite Bands:
Ash Ra Tempel
Acid Mothers Temple
Danny and the Nightmares
Tangerine Dream
Red Krayola
Throbbing Gristle
My Bloody Valentine
Morbid Angel

What You Consider Bad Music: A lot of capitalism music: Nu Metal, Easy listening jazz (white man jazz :P ), a lot of capitalist and sexist rap
Political views: Libertarian socialist

Five Things You Like:
1) Air

2) Food
3) Animals
4) Humans
5) Entertainment (music, comedy, movies, books, the things that human create for our simple pleasures)
Five Things You Dislike:
1) Most radical theists

2) When people misunderstand my views on drugs, religion, and sex and bash me by calling me immature, stupid, and devil worshipper/follower.
3) When humans degrade, demean, violate each other.
4) People treat animals and children like shit.. because they are both unaware and not at the age of accountability they are just cute and you have to take care of them and nurture them :)
5) Unfair weather
Favorite Season And Why:
If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be And Why: Canada or Amsterdam. I think Amsterdam is evolved and matches my kinship of a liberal and free thinker. Also, the health benefits in Canada and Amsterdam are quite socialist. Drugs are legal too. :P
Who You Are Prejudiced/Racist Against: Consumerism, capitalism, closed-minded theists, radical racists, most whites (yay for black nationalism!), and D.A.R.E anti-drug programs/foundations.
Religious?: Atheist
Abortion?: I'll pay anyone to sucker punch me if I was pregnant. Nah, as a humanist, I think the woman has every right to abort an undeveloped fetus, I'm for population control too.
Opinion On I.V. Druguseage: Pass the syringe :)
Addicts?: I don't like how easily influenced addicts are and become a slave to substance to the point they prostitute, steal, rob for that high. Addicts are a slave to substance and consume too much.

Promote This Community in your journal And Show Us The Link: optional, but please do so

Post a picture of yourself:

-end application-

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