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Jazz Hands!

Nothin' like planning to go into a song-and-dance audition half-bent and still being confident that you're better than 90% of the competition to spice up your life!

Yep, I have an audition tonight. If it were for a serious, paid gig, I would never even dream of fucking around like this. But hell, this is for a cheesy charity gig that's probably going to be so tooth-achingly liberal and washed-up that I can LOL my way through it.

I figure this is one more thing to check off on my long list of Stuff To Do Just So I Can Have The Story To Tell Afterward.
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When I had a shitty job I'd go in messed up all the time just to see what would happen. :) Always adds a little thrill.

I got the part! Heehee. I love this shit.

I will be in the chorus for some stupid little Broadway showtunes thingummie. Hey, it's a gig, it'll be fun! And charity work always looks good on a resume.