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Name: raquel
Age: 19
City And State: elko nevada (calling this place a shithole is an understatement. you know know SHITTY until youve lived here.)
Sexual Preference: i dont care.

Why You Want To Be A Part Of This Community: i like to read what you people experience and i like to share what i have found, too.
Why Do You Do DXM: i make some crazy art on it. i love haveing no particular urdge to do anything but express myself, without a second thought on how you will react to it..and for obvious reasons, to get fucked not THAT important jeeze
How Often Do You Take DXM: not often enough..
Describe yourself on DXM briefly: not social, i hate talking, i like painting. thinking. imagining myself away from you. i enjoy everything, for once.

What do you think of:
1.) The First Plateau- drunkish rather BE drunk
2.) The Second Plateau- fun. this is where the painting happens.
3.) The Third Plateau- weird. cant put it in words. i can lay there and scream but nothing really happens. i like it though, if i dont think about death
4.) The Fourth Platea- i dont think ive reached it without passing out
5.) Plateau Sigma - ^

Tell us your interests:

List at Least 10 Favorite Bands: monster squad, discharge, GBH, varukers, flux of pink indians, rudimentary peni, christian death, siouxie and the banshees, radiohead, boards of canada, aphex twin,..i love all kinds of music.
What You Consider Bad Music: nothings really bad..i just have my own taste. but i really dont like listening to annoying whiney chicks signing along to ugly techno?
Political views: i dont know what to call myself. i wish we could all work for the benefit of eachother instead of ourselves. i wish that we controlled the government or something like it because we are weak and a bunch of idiots and cant function without some sort of structure sadly, like how the fathers of our country intended, instead of fearing it and living under it. i wish money was non existant. i wish we could respect eachother. i wish we were educated.

Five Things You Like:
1) sleeping
2) art, all kinds, anyones, all forms.
3) i like animals.
4) comics
5) walking around aimlessly

Five Things You Dislike:
1) americas government/economy
2) people
3) being itchy
4) bad smelling feet
5) neck acne on hairy people

Favorite Season And Why: fall, everything is orange. i hate orange, but its pretty anyway.
If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be And Why: i would live on a cannabalistic island so i could eat tourists and dance around naked and stuff. yeah.
Who You Are Prejudiced/Racist Against: id be a liar if i said i wasnt because i just said up there i didnt like people much. (:
Religious?: no thanks
Abortion?: yes please
Opinion On I.V. Druguseage: your viens, do what you want. none of my business.
Addicts?: once again, your problem, not mine. drug addicts arent the problem society is.

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